Having an air conditioner can make your quality of living better. Air conditioning system can make your home excellent and comfortable by providing you with a clean air supply by the second. Imagine living without them, especially on a hot and sunny day. It would be horrendously hot and humid! A working air conditioner is able to keep the room temperature in your house to a comfortable degree, but there is no merit to gain from it if it is broken or in a dire condition in need of maintenance.

If you live in Asia, you must know how hot and unforgiving the tropical weather can be, especially in the summer times. Countries like Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, etc. that are located in the Asia continent are known for their tropical vibes. That is why air conditioners are abundant, and not a whole lot of service business out there to take care of your unit when it is malfunctioning. If you live in Singapore, then have Billy Air-Con or any other aircon repair singapore check your unit regularly! We give you this list of reasons why you should have your air conditioning system checked periodically:

AC Cool Air

  • It Can Improve Your Air Quality

A broken air conditioner won’t do your residence any good. Air conditioners can deteriorate with time causing them to drop working efficiency levels by 5% by the hour. Therefore, they won’t be able to filter and replace the bad air in your room with clean and fresh ones. Have your unit checked once or twice a month to detect early symptoms of malfunction to avoid it being to the point of unusable.

  • It Can Save Money

The air conditioning system runs on a lot of electricity. A broken air conditioning system will draw a lot more power, up to 25% that will surely leave a mark on your electricity bills. By scheduling regular maintenance, you will be able to save money from energy costs and also from having to replace your broken unit with a new one.

  • It Can Protect You from Potential Pollutants and Airborne Hazards

A working air conditioner can purify the harmful contaminants in the air by sucking them and disposing of them outside. If you keep your air conditioning unit regularly maintained to an optimal working state, you can avoid most airborne diseases and health risks from ever polluting your living space.


There is nothing that can beat the air conditioning system when it comes to living comfortably, especially if you live in a hot area with a high humidity level. Regular checkups can benefit you from replacing your unit with a new one that will save you some money. It is crucial to take care of your air conditioner as it can extend its durability.