Some time back, installing outdoor security cameras in homes was considered a preserve of the rich. With time, however, improvements in technology have made it a lot more affordable to install outdoor security cameras that nearly every homeowner can afford to do it. The technological advancements have also resulted in better recording capabilities and improved quality and functionality of the cameras, which make them more effective regarding enhancing home security. Some of the top reasons why you should have an outdoor battery powered security camera with smartphone app at home are highlighted below.

They Deter Criminals

The presence of a security camera in your home can discourage criminals from getting into your home as it increases their risk of getting caught. You might be tempted to use dummy security cameras for that reason, but that is not a good idea. Most criminals can spot dummy a camera from quite a distance, making it lose its purpose. Good security cameras will also help you to recover any item stolen from your home, in case the criminals decide to go ahead and commit robbery.

They Allow You to Check on Your Family

The function of home security cameras is not limited to protecting the home. You can also use them to check on your family while you are away from home. That is particularly more important if you have kids who are old enough to play outside on their own. You can easily monitor them without necessarily being physically present in the home. For that, however, you need to install home security cameras that have remote monitoring features.apartment cameras

To Enjoy Insurance Benefits

If you have insured your home against theft or vandalism, you should make insurance claims after such incidences have occurred. Having security cameras will help you quite a lot when making such claims. The footage of the vandalism or theft taking place will make the documentation process quite easy and validate your insurance claims. You are also likely to be offered lower premium rates by the insurance company if you have outdoor security cameras installed in your home.

Works as a Digital Storage

Your outdoor security cameras can also work as a digital storage that you can use to record and store footage of all the activities that happen in your home. If you are holding a party in your home, for example, you can review the entire event afterward by watching the recorded footage. It can also help you solve some mysterious things that may be happening in your home.